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68mm Round Shoe
68mm Round Plastic Downpipe
68mm Round Pipe Socket
68mm Round Pipe Clip
68mm Half Round Hopper
68mm Round Branch
68mm Round 90˚ Bend
68mm Round 112˚ Bend
114mm Deepflow Gutter Union
114mm Deepflow Running Outlet
114mm Deepflow Fascia Bracket
114mm Deepflow Internal Stop End
114mm Deepflow External Stop End
114mm Deepflow 135 ˚ Angle
114mm Deepflow 90 ˚ Angle
114mm Deepflow Capacity Plastic Gutter
110mm Soil Pipe Clip
110mm 135° Single Socket Offset Bend
110mm 135° Double Socket Offset Bend
150mm Commercial Fascia Bracket

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Roofline Fascia and Soffits

Now available in White, Colours and Woodgrains including Anthracite Grey.

300mm Hollow Soffit Board
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9mm Flat Soffit Board
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16mm Full Replacement Fascia Board
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150mm Shiplap Cladding
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9mm Fascia Capping Board
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9mm Vented Flat Soffit Board
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Designing A Bathroom
Shouldn't Be Hard!

Simply send us your dimensions of any room and let us provide an estimation as to how many wall panels, trims and accessories you require.


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110mm Plastic Stop End
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10mm Aluminium Cladding External Corner
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1m x 2.4m Black Stone
Original price was: £55.00.Current price is: £45.00.
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8mm/10mm PVC Cladding Edge Trim
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150mm Shiplap Cover Joint
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150mm Commercial 90° Angle
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65mm Square 90 ˚ Bend
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8mm Brown Wood Tile (Pack of 4)
Original price was: £40.00.Current price is: £30.00.
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110mm Underground Double Socket Bend
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68mm Round Branch
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68mm Round Plastic Downpipe
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Shiplap Cladding Joint Trim
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Plastics Hub, your number one website for all online Plastic Building Products.

Plastics Hub, your number one website for all online Plastic Building Products. Our online presence makes it easy and simple for public and trades people to buy a wide range of products from plastic guttering to fascia board and our newest edition of bathroom wall cladding. All of our products are sourced from British Standard manufacturers, so we can provide assurance and confidence to all our customers.

There is no job too big or small for us, we have the ability to provide solutions from small one-off jobs to large industrial ones. Our range of products will help cover you for all rainwater solutions, underground drainage and roofline such as plastic fascia and hollow soffit boards. Start shopping today and explore our variety of products!


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